Fertile Futures — Volume 1

The publication Fertile Futures presents the programme developed for the Official Portuguese Representation at the 18th International Exhibition of Architecture — La Biennale di Venezia.Launched on the exhibition's opening day, thisfirst volume reveals the premises of Fertile Futures project, presenting the theme of the protection, management and future of freshwater, from the procedural record of the first moments of the project. It gathers, from the transcript of the interventions of experts and advisors in the first Assembly of Thought, the sharing of knowledge that marked the start of the project laboratory, andand also records and accompaniesthe laboratory process of the seven Hydrogeography Workshops.This initial volume reveals the origins of the proposed models on display at Palazzo Franchetti in Venice from 20 May until 26 November 2023.


Andreia Garcia Ana Neiva Diogo Aguiar


Architectural Affairs

Editorial Coordination

Andreia Garcia, Patrícia Coelho


Álvaro Domingues, Ana Salgueiro, Ana Tostões, Aurora Carapinha, Corpo Atelier, Dulcineia Santos Studio, Eglantina Monteiro, Érica Castanheira, Francisco Ferreira, Guida Marques, Ilhéu Atelier, João Mora Porteiro, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, Luca Astorri, Margarida Waco, Marina Otero Verzier, Pedrêz, Pedro Gadanho, Pedro Ignacio Alonso, Ponto Atelier, Space Transcribers


And Atelier — João Araújo, Rita Huet

Translation and Proofreading

Anabel Goulart, Fran Seftel, Russell Shackleford

Publishing and Printing Production

Forward Consulting


Gráfica Maiadouro





Organization and Comissioner

Républica Portuguesa Direcção Geral das Artes (DGARTES)